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Ellie New Cat's secret life

[I started writing this post yesterday afternoon, then paused to do what I thought would be a couple minute RP scene. Six hours later it was midnight and well past my bedtime! ...ha, the first sentence of the post is now amusing.]

Slow night tonight, I've been catching up on all the shows I've Tivoed during the week. Big Bang Theory (SO GOOD), Mike and Molly (meh), and now last week's Two and a Half Men (blech).

As often happens in Two and a Half Men, someone's having sex. Loud sex. (Off screen of course, but loud.) I was playing with Ellie, dangling her favorite toy, and as the noises from the TV started she dropped it, sat up straight facing the TV, her ears pricked. She didn't look away until the scene/noises had ended. I've never seen her so interested in anything before, especially for so long a period.

My little cat is a perv!

Speaking of Two and a Half Men, the more I see of Ashton Kutcher, the less I like him. His looks, his voice, the way he killed the show... I used to get multiple laughs per ep, now I just sit and frown at the screen.

I have mixed hopes on the weekend's entertainment. Pocahontas (the Disney version) should be good, I loved it years ago. The TV shows are more questionable though. The Secret Circle (about witches) I'm wondering if it will be like that movie, the one with the teenagers from many years back. The movie was entertaining enough, maybe the show will as well. The other show is a long shot: Teen Wolf. See, I love werewolves, I have since I was a little kid, then damned Twilight came along and ruined anything vampire or werewolf related. I fully expect the show to be aimed at Twilight fans, so... likely going to suck. But I'll give it a try as time permits.

[Almost 24 hours later...]

It's been forever since I stayed up hours past my bedtime for RP. My poor brain is all fuzzy today! But I was still happy to be involved. :D

Clover hit 85 today, and needs only 3 more champ seals to be done with jousting forever, so it's time for him to retire to Dalaran and start his life as an AH mule. (Which means I can delete Dogcatcher and will finally have an alt slot free!!)

The thing is, now is the time to decide what to do about my Alliance guild. When worgen were announced, I grabbed the name <Team Jacob> , thinking it would be funny and amusing and ironic.

Instead everyone thought I was a Twilight fan. ><

I went on Trade briefly to try to sell it, but I've come to the conclusion that no amount of gold is worth spending time on Trade. I made a post on the official forums. If no one bites on that, then maybe... I hate to just delete it outright (er, if a guild can be deleted?), I don't know.

Which means, of course I need a new name. I thought of <The Speed of Dark> (book title + cool, but it might be too long, and it might become annoyingly emo). <Her Doxy> would be an amusing pairing to my Hordeside
<His Doxy> guild. Plus is nice and short, and also has a great word (doxy!) and has the amusing racy undertone. I'd kind of like something new though. Hmm. Clover will be the only member in it, so:

<Four Leaf> ?

*ponders more* Anyone have other ideas?

Edits, so many edits: LJ hates pointy brackets, mistakes them for HTML code.
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