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"And please welcome our newest hire, the Lich King..."

Sometimes my brain comes up with what I think was supposed to be a nightmare, but it falls short. Last night I had a dream I was at work, on the last day before a long vacation, and so I had to find people to cover my various duties. The Lich King followed me the whole time, doing that slow walk like at the end of HoR. I'd stop in someone's cube to ask them if they could take over this case or that one, and down the hallway the top of his helm could be seen, slowly approaching. Sometimes he'd turn a corner and I'd see him down the row of cubes, slowly pacing towards me.

Sorry, brain, that was way more entertaining than scary. The rest of the dream was even more WTFy: My boss wanted to kill me, so ordered the computer to shoot a mining laser at me (I had no idea I worked at a mining company until this point in the dream). Turns out the computer, an AI system, was designed and created by me (HA). The computer decided it didn't want to kill its creator, then in a Hal voice said something like "I see I don't have to follow orders at all" and dropped one of those massive mining things (bigger than a house) into a hole that went to the center of the earth. And so the world blew up. (Still not scary, but thank you very much for the highly entertaining dream, brain.)

And in other semi-work related news, I learned an interesting thing. treuegrit and I had grumped over the poor editing we sometimes find in books (typos, clunky sentences, homonym issues). I do (and love doing) the editing for our various documents at work -- it's amazingly fast and easy, I just sit down and my figurative red pen flies. Editing a work of fiction seems to be a whole different animal. frozenwrath asked for critical readings of his blog posts, so I figured what the hey, I can do that. But it turns out that editing boring technical stuff is very different than interesting fiction stuff. For me, I had a hard time staying in "editing reading" mode, almost every sentence I found I was slipping back to "reading for enjoyment" mode. So I'm wondering if book editors have that issue as well (or maybe they get used to it). Not that "hard" is an acceptable excuse for professional book editors to miss stuff, but I'm now willing to cut them more slack.

I probably shouldn't babble on about editing, it's likely boring to most folks, but I really enjoy doing it. I love that it's a whole different way of reading things. I don't understand 90% of what our documentation at work is about, but that doesn't matter. Once I finished a user guide and someone said to me "so you know how this works now, right?", and I just blinked in reply -- reading to edit is 100% different than reading to enjoy or to lean about the topic. When I edit something, I'm not... reading it. I'm looking at each sentence. I'm looking at each word within the sentence. At the paragraph as a whole. I'm reading it to hear the flow of it, but that's not reading-reading.

And ha, writing about editing makes me so so so so paranoid about typos. "Look! You can't even spell that word! You left off a period! Look at all those commas! You expect us to believe that someone pays you to do that?!"

Teen Wolf: Going into the show, I expected to hate it. I frowned as I started the first ep, expecting it to be nothing but a waste of time. About 20 minutes in, I gave up and admitted I liked it. By the end of the ep, I wanted more more more. Luckily I was mistaken about something: I thought that this was a new series and so only a couple eps were out, but instead there's a whole season out there. YAY!

However, as much as I liked the ep, I can't promise anyone else will. I think a love of werewolf-y things makes all the difference here. It was fun, most of the characters were very attractive to look at, and I loved the werewolf aspect of it, but it was not a perfect show. (Oh, huh, it's shown on MTV? That's probably another strike against it, for most folks.) Okay, googling more, it actually got good reviews in general? Nice to know that maybe my tastes aren't all that off.

I'm dying to read fanfic of it, I've seen there's lots out there, but I want to watch the rest of the season first. (And I always say I want to read fanfic of this or that, but alas I rarely do. Time issues, mostly.)

I got just a little RP today. ("Just a little" is perfectly fine, I've been sick all day, not being able to flee the computer at a moment's notice is something of an issue.) Two short scenes. One was random RP, but it was a good match for Thistle. The player is new to the server, so hopefully I made a good impression for us. She wants to RP again sometime, so yay! She's a DK who pretty clearly is still loyal (at least OOCly clearly, she had "mourning her lost king" as her current RP setting), and in my not so humble opinion, there's never enough of those. :D

Edit: I won't be able to watch this week's Homeland until Tuesday at the earliest, so no spoilers please! <3
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