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One of the things I'm enjoying most about Homeland is trying to figure out why my view of things is so different than the other people who watch it. Everyone else I talk to about the show is certain the rescued marine was turned, is now a spy/terrorist. I'm the only one I know who believes he isn't. Why? I do tend to like bad characters more than good, but even then I know they're the bad guys. I like grey characters better than black/white, which he certainly is. All the proof seems to be pointing to him being turned, but I just don't buy it and I have no idea why.

No real new clues as to what's happening, other than crossing off things that aren't clues.

See, now to me, Carrie is becoming more and more of an issue here. Not a bad guy exactly, but her obsession, her seeing things that aren't there, could have gotten someone killed (the escort lady). Turns out Carrie wasn't at fault, but she could have just as easily been. I know she thinks she's doing good, but her blind obsession isn't helping.

And notice that when Brody did his interviews, his hands were still? No signals, and no way to know the CIA had picked up on them. Stress of just being home/all his time as a captive? (Or message sent, so he doesn't need to again?)

Who was that at the end of the ep? Who bought the new house? We don't know, right?

I generally try not to write about work at work, but a small exception for this. Sad, though not surprising, news. I had been hoping that the tech writers group would pull me in full time once they had approval to hire someone new, but nope. It might be a money issue, they're getting a new person in India, which generally costs a fraction of a person here. Also, my formal training is spotty, so it was a long shot that they'd want me full-time.

Plus, they get the milk for free.

At the moment, they're getting nearly 100% of my work day (which can't continue, but I have a hard time saying no when asked to do stuff, especially for them). Usually that wouldn't be a bad thing, as I enjoy editing stuff, but in this case I'm not editing-editing, I'm more doing content stuff. I can't go into details, but it's not something I enjoy at all.

So, I guess I'll just be continuing to split my work time between three groups. At least I still have a job! Hopefully working for multiple groups will make it more likely that I keep it.

I'm going to guess that comments could contain Homeland spoilers, so read with caution.
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