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Haystack searched, needle goes unfound.

I was looking for one image, but I had no idea what I named it, so I downloaded every image file on Catlove and spent a mostly enjoyable couple hours looking at every single one. ("Mostly enjoyable" because it was a shock and then sad to see pictures of my previous cat, photos I had totally forgotten I had, when she looked so young and active.) Very early in my search, some pictures started catching my eye. They were good enough to deserve reposting.

No picture here is later than 2009, and the oldest ones are from 2001. Some of these will be NWS. Some of them will not be to certain viewers' tastes. I'll place as fitting warnings on them as I can. Please believe them or you might end up unhappy. :)

...hours later. Man, it took a long time to arrange this. Saving file names (without file extensions, oops), then having to recreate the URLs from various directories. Turns out 40 in one post is kind of overwhelming, so I'm going to do 10/night for four nights. I have them arranged in groups (truly random, animals, naked people...) , but I think I'll pick a few from each one, just to continue with the 'random' theme.

One day I was shopping in a Japanese dollar store and found this... costume for your crotch? One, two, three, four, five.

I needed this bumpersticker in 2008, and I need it even more now. (political, sort of)
And this license plate (also fitting for a number of DKs).

Tiny baby hamsters: One, two, three.

FFXI had the best sigs, poor Dragoons used to be so unloved.

Thistle and Squall sitting in a... no, wait. It's sad when you have so much outstanding commission art that you lose track of it! This is FFXI (and MUX) Thistle, pre-WoW. He and Squall were (at best) friends, nothing more. Done by the wonderful ani_mama.

Don't ask me to explain this, no one could. NWS, nakedness.

Old joke, but good one.

Three Avatar the Last Airbender fan pictures. I bought the middle one (it's a magnet, it's currently on my fridge). As un-religious as I am, I still really, really like this image. He deserves peace and happiness in the end, for all life threw at him.

Would you believe I totally forgot I did this, that I ever cross-stitched at all? It's beautful! I wish I knew what became of it.

And non-random:
If you're looking for a Crimson Deathcharger on WRA-H, there are currently two on the AH for 42K. That's less than a third of what I paid! D: D: I'm seriously tempted to get one for mount collector/Dalaran AH mule, but... ground mount. What's the use? :/ There's also a Reins of the Spectral Tiger up for 210K. That tempts me even more, but... ground mount. (Edit: Hour later, all are gone. One of the horses was relisted at 150K, the price I bought mine for. Maybe I should have tried flipping it. Sigh. Stupid rooster.)

Speaking of, anyone want to buy a damned magic rooster? I'm never going to sell that thing. Every time I think about buying something expensive to flip, I think of that damned rooster.

Flipping cheaper things tickles me though. I bought 8 stacks, 200 per stack, of things for 4-5 gold per individual item, I'm slowly selling for 13+ gold each. *happy AH person eyes* So much profit! /Ferengi

On the RP front, it was a nice evening. Three quiet, mellow scenes, lots of downtime in between. Wild, crazy, Deeply Meaningful RP is nice, but quiet nights are nice sometimes, too.

Tonigh's chicken breast came out yummy. A little dry (will I ever stop overcooking things! I'm so paranoid about undercooked meat and my thermometer is broken). Soy sauce, worcestershire, and a heaping spoonful of garlic, in a ziplock bag for 24 hours. I wanted to try the 'scoring the meat first' idea, but I hadn't wanted to handle raw chicken last night. Oh, oops, and I forgot to try adding the olive oil, too. Oh well, it was still yummy.

And a video! The Walken Dead ! Found by lives_this_life.

Oh hey, earthquake. Woo! Big enough that there were little noises in my wall! My stomach always gets upset after them, as if I were really dizzy.
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