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Too bad, so sad (WoW, book)

Here's a free tip, Blizz: Copying S-E when it comes to MMO stuff might not be your best decision.

Among the many new things announced today: Pet Battle System

Hmmmm, that sounds familiar. (Yes, yes, I know FFXI didn't invent it, but adding it into a MMO?)

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but all the information release thus far... I don't like any of it. Pandas as a playable race. Pandas. PANDAS. Level cap raised to 90 (not a surprise, but... whine).

Pandas. Seriously. Blizz said outright that that race would never appear outside of the RL money online pet store. Sigh.

Maybe their goal is to make Cata no longer the most hated expansion? :P Well fine. Just leave Northrend alone. I said it pre-Cata and I'll say it now: Do whatever you like to the rest of the world, worse comes to worst, I'll just hide in Northrend.

Pandas. Pandas. Grrr. PANDAS!


And since I'm already being a Negative Nancy, I might as well continue it and talk about Elizabeth Moon's Speed of the Dark, the book I mentioned previously, told from the first person viewpoint of an autistic man.

It wasn't until hitting the 50% mark of a 300 page book that the first hints of the plot showed up.

That wasn't even the worst part. The characters are so god-awful black and white. The boss is so evil, he doesn't even come off as a real person, I keep expect him to sprout horns and wave a pitchfork around.

It's also preachy. Autistic people are just like us, but a little special! If I hadn't known going in that the author had an autistic child, I would have highly suspected it from the way the book is written.

The autistic man's POV was interesting at first, but got old really, really fast. Picture 150 pages of:

For breakfast I have toast. I like toast. White toast. I have a new toaster. It toasts my bread perfectly. I like it when the toasting is even. Dark spots upset me. Light spots make me sick. I spread my toast with butter. The layer of butter had to be exactly right. Then I opened the jam. I bought the jam last week. Wednesday is my day to go grocery shopping. I bought the jam on Wednesday.

150 pages of that so far, only the most minor hints of the plot. The vast majority of the characters totally unbelievable. I really don't think I'm going to make it through the whole book. (And after I liked her last book, Remnant Population, so much!)
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