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Because I'm bored...

A - Act your age? Not if I can possibly help it. (I might break a hip if I did!)
B - Born on what day of the week? *looks it up* A Monday.
C - Chore you hate? Can I say 'all of them'? Cleaning the bathroom and catbox top the list.
D - Dad's name? Peter (Take that, Chia!)
E - Essential makeup item? Ugh. A dab of cover-up if I need it, no more unless I have to. Bit of blush for work.
F - Favorite actor? A bunch. Jeremy Irons usually tops the list.
G - Gold or silver? Silver
H - Hometown? A little town on a little island off the coast of New York.
I - Instruments you play? None, though I took a couple drum lessons when I was a kid.
J - Job title? Don't really have a title. License Engineer, License Support Engineer, Licensing Engineer. Something with 'license' and 'support' in it, and 'engineer' to stroke my ego.
K - Kids? HA. No.
L - Living arrangements? Apartment, by myself. Unless a cat counts.
M - Mom's name? Janet
N - Number of people you've slept with? I plead the fifth.
O - Overnight hospital stays? None, other than when I was born.
P - Phobia? Bugs/parasites that can get inside you. Worms, earwigs, that sort of thing.
Q - Quote you like? I live by 'The ends justify the means' more than I should.
R - Religious affiliation? None.
S - Siblings? One sister, younger.
T - Time you wake up? 6:30 on weekdays, 7-9 on weekends.
U - Unique habit? Picking every single pea and carrot out of chicken pot pies before I'll eat it?
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? All, though I'm trying to change that.
W - Worst habit? Total and utter failure to take care of myself. Haven't been to a doctor in years, eat poorly, zero exercise (the life of a computer tech...). If I live to see Christmas I'll be amazed. (Not totally serious there, but somewhat.)
X - X-rays you've had? Tons. I've broken both arms, sprained my ankles 10+ times, almost broke my back, flew face-first into a wall off horseback, and many other accidents.
Y - Yummy food you make? That I make? Um. Microwave popcorn?
Z - Zodiac Sign? Sagittarius, though I don't believe that the signs mean anything at all.
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