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Ellie New Cat progress, little WoW progress, last batch of images

Ellie New Cat doesn't like many things, among them having her paws touched. This is quite the issue as I'd really like to be able to clip her nails. A couple weeks of working on it every day and I can now hold her paws for a limited amount of time and stroke them or let them rest on my hand for an unlimited amount.

Slow slow, it started so slow. I stroked her head, her favorite spots, and touch her paw. She ran off. Next day do the same. And the same. And the same. Eventually she stopped running, just moved out of reach. Eventually I think it clicked in her little kitty brain that the pattings stopped when she moved out of reach, so she grudgingly let me handle her feet with one hand while I pat with the other. And now, finally, she seems mostly okay with it.

She's learned that all sorts of things are okay, though she's still sometimes skittish about two hands coming at her, and I need to work a lot more on getting her used to being picked up. If I "scoop" her up (so she's hugged tightly against my body and can't move) she puts up with it for limited time, but if I lift her with my hands, she doesn't like that at all.

Exciting times, huh? :P

In WoW, Haken got the HH mount. I was worried I'd go the whole darned thing and not get even one. So now I'm down to only seven alts a day needing to do it. (Haken is the last alt I'd want it on, I like his ground and flying mounts, but still better to get one on him than none at all.)

I'm also pondering sending him IC again. (Then I spend the night wandering SMC looking for random RP and scoff at such ideas.)

After much wandering, I found non-random RP (on Thistle), but I probably should have turned it down. I don't know what is wrong with me, but all RP feels wrong lately. I want to RP, I really really really do, but it feels so forced. It feels like: Thistle has X, Y, and Z traits. I've mentioned X and Z so far in the scene, so I better mention Y now! I've been trying to think of how to describe it since yesterday, but I can't put my finger on it. It doesn't feel organic, kind of. I thought maybe I needed to play an alt for a while, so I jumped on Keen, but that was just as blah. Whatever it is, I hope it goes away soon.

And the last set of random images:
Really cool artwork, I wish I had a bigger version of it. Warning: naked people (nonsexual).

More cool artwork(?), I have no idea what this is, but I love it.

A Russian comic strip about a rat.

Some of the strangest Pokemon fanart ever -- NWS! NWS! Cool, but NWS. Naked "human" male bits.

Very, very cute HP fanart.

Wizardmon... as a pirate! There's a limited audience for this one, I know. PokeMUSH folks! I don't remember Wizardmon ever being a pirate! I guess Delee had done this wonderful alt. (For non-MUSH folks, Wizardmon was our website AI. She was supposed to answer questions about our game, but she learned from the people she talked to, and so she became perverted mighty fast.)

Aww, yay men dancing! Yet another image from a Russian LJ, so I didn't know the story behind it. NWS naked men (nonsexual).

And this is the last of the 40 38. Goodbye! (NWS for... waving! For real! NWS!)

I miss the old days where I used to post tons of random images. Unfortunately LJ has changed; the spam posted on the Russian side of things is beyond belief. If I bring up a page of the 200 latest images posted,
easily 180 of them are spam. It's just not worth sorting through them looking for interesting stuff anymore.
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