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Hey, cracker! Be more of a cracker!

I never did rant about (or finish my Yelp review on) my local grocery store. My beloved Safeway. Just a minute or two drive from my apartment, I've been shopping there for more than ten years.

Then they got self-scan machines in.

When it's an option, I have no problem with scanning my purchases myself. When it's an option. It's not an option at my Safeway anymore, it's required. (Sometimes they have one single check-out lane open, but when they do, there's a massive line for it.)

Self-scanning is fine for a few items, but it's a royal pain in the butt for an entire cart full of crap. It takes a LONG time, and the machines error out endlessly. (Plus the stations aren't made for scanning a whole cart of groceries, which makes it even more frustrating.)

Anyway, Lunchables were on sale, which usually would still not be enough to make me buy them, but I stopped and looked at what they are: Crackers + cheese + turkey or ham. If I'm going to eat crackers with cheese anyway, this was kind of a handy packing. 4/$5 was a really good price, too. So I got them.

The meat in them is pretty icky. I don't really like wet meat. So I eat the cheese and the crackers, but tonight the cheese stuck together so I had crackers left over at the end and ate one plain. It was sweet. What the heck? Nothing like a cracker at all.

I guess if we needed further proof these were evil made for kids, it's putting meat and cheese on a darned cookie.

On a related note, I had wheat thins for the first time in decades. They were amazingly good, like a really crisp cookie. Last time I had them they were thick and woven with "wheat" (something whole-wheat, nasty to eat). Today's wheat thins I'd happy eat as a cookie replacement. Oddness. They really need a new name.

RP continues to be good. I continue to fight off some kind of sickness (I went downhill this morning, but feel quite good tonight). Cruise is booked, vacation time is approved. Passport is in the works (takes a couple months for them to mail it out, but the paperwork is all submitted). Now if only the weekend were a few months long, life would be perfect! :P
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