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Ellie New Cat and the Very Scary Stranger (and WoW, RP)

There's a difference between knowing an animal is scared and holding the cat in your arms, her body rock-hard tense and flinching at every soft little noise. I know how scared Ellie is all the time, but today a workman had to come into the apartment (her first new person she's seen other than the vet eight months ago), and it was a bad time for her. I had wanted to have her be locked in the bedroom for the visit, but the guy was three hours late (ugh) so I let her out. I had to scoop her up and hold her tight so she wouldn't get out the door. (Why these apartment people never close the door while they work...) Having her hugged to my chest, I felt every flinch she made. The noises she reacted to were so soft (to me) -- the workman putting his stepstool down on the carpeted floor, him stepping onto the metal step with a booted foot. Each one made her whole body flinch. It made me understand her fear so much better than just knowing it as a fact in my head.

WoW is suddenly busy, ICly and OOCly. Yesterday I got one name freed for my new paladin (Reed, who I keep calling Reef by mistake. Hi kaelash!). While seeking out a name for the paladin, I discovered Clove was under level 10, thus could be freed. Not a good paladin name, but I also wanted to level a warlock...

Problem was, no free alt slots. I had one mule left (to buy things from a phased area for me to sell). I don't need more gold, I keep telling myself that, so I deleted it and requested that Clove be freed. Now I have the warlock, too!

...only to discover I have zero cloth heirlooms. I had enough honor to buy shoulders, but there's no chest piece for honor that I could find, so I'm back to doing jousting dailies for the champ seals to buy it. UGH. At least I already had 30 seals all on the alts who have the achievement to unlock the vendor, so I picked the one that I thought the quests would be easiest on (DK). Turns out either I suck at DK (1000000% possible) or hunter is a lot better nowadays. I just got done doing all this on Clover the hunter, it's harder and slower on Haken.

And yes, I now have Clove and Clover. I'm already confused.

In the IC end of things, it's been like blast from the past for two days now! All the old great people I used to RP with! Greyspell, Embersong, and tonight Neru! So much goodness. :D

And now for a bit of seriousness. As most people know, I have zero problems what any two (or more) consenting adults might want to do, RL or ICly. So long as everyone involved is of age and agrees, knock yourself out. However, the other side of the coin is that you shouldn't be exposing non-involved people to what you're doing. Someone needs to tell Matty the slave about this. He was walking in the middle of Silvermoon with that RSP. You want your kinks? Want to RP being a slave? I have zero issues, none at all, it's none of my business. But an RSP like that is out of line. (Edit: Rereading the RSP, I know there are much, much worse ones out there. I'm not sure why this one bothered me so very much. Even on second or third rereading, it gets my hackles up so badly. Maybe the utter lack of quality combined with the subject matter. )

Dear Drow DK, Just stop it. I don't know what the hell you're supposed to be, but stop being it. Really. No love, Thistle
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