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Welcome back to 1950 (RL, TV, health)

Oh America, how you continue to scare me. 50% of people think it should be LAW that a woman take her husband's last name when they marry. I have zero issue with a woman taking a man's name by choice, or a man taking a woman's, or one man taking another's, or both coming up with some spiffy new last name, but the law requiring that the woman take the man's? Sigh.

And speaking of scary:

WTF. Seriously, WTF? I thought she was drinking just to make him talk. I thought she was leading on just to try to get information out of him. BUT SHE FUCKED HIM, WHAT THE FUCK! Holy cow, is she so screwed... and I mean the other way. She is so damned messed up, between this and her mental problem, she so very much doesn't belong on this job, no matter how good she is at it (and I do think she's excellent at it). Oh, and let's not forget, she gave him classified information in the middle of a bar parking lot. ARG

Brody though... scam the lie detector much? So we're back to square one with him, on the knife issue.

I'm not one for "new age" medicine, herbs and potions and the like, but sometimes a problem goes on long enough and you hate going to a doctor so much that you're willing to try other things. I'm sick with "stomach issues" two days out of three. This has been going on for months if not years. It's bad enough at home, but having it happen at work is a real problem. Plus anything like movies, road trips, anything where I can't run home at quick notice just isn't a good idea. Some nights even RP is a problem, because I hate having to go AFK multiple times during a scene. So, doing online research, I read about peppermint oil. Some people have great success with it.

I bought a bottle of oil caplets ($10...), but it's a pain in the butt to use. You have to take it 30-60 minutes before a meal, three times a day. I never know when I'm going to eat! But it may be a moot point.

The instructions say if you get heartburn, you should stop taking it. It gave it to me, alas. It's only mild, but the lower inside of my throat and upper chest feels hot and burning, too. Peppermint burps are a big side effect, though those are pretty darned positive (and seriously strong!). Oh well! I don't usually drink tea, but I might try a cup of peppermint tea instead.

...oh LJ, why did autocomplete on tag names suddenly stop working? Sigh.
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