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Grumpy drive home (RL x3!)

Usually I listen to NPR while driving, but for some reason my radio was set to the local news/talk station, so I left it there. In case you've missed the news, a college football coach knew an assistant coach was molesting young boys but did not call the police. He was fired. Now people are up in arms. Because he was a "legendary" coach.

So so so many things wrong with this situation. I don't even know where to start. If this "legendary" coach had said something, if he had picked up the phone and called police, a serial pedophile who acted for YEARS could have been stopped. And people are angry over him being fired because he's a coach.

I snorted out loud at this part: Some people are upset that he was fired over the phone. Know what? If he had picked up a phone to begin with, he could have prevented his whole firing! Not to mention, all the pain and suffering!

So many things about this make me so mad. I know this seems like a minor thing to complain about in the face of many young boys being molested, but it pisses me off that people act this way (angry he's been fired because he's a coach). If a scientist had done this, would people be up in arms? Why in the world do people collect baseball cards instead of cards with scientists and other smart folks on them? (Other than the fact that they don't exist...)

Grrrrr. Anyway, usually Friday night is my "free" dinner (can have anything I want), but I have an event tomorrow night and "eating anything I want" generally leads to higher chances of being sick, so I moved it to tonight. For the first time in many, many years, I went to Taco Bell.. Even the most mild food is generally too spicy for me, so usually I avoid Mexican, but they had a steak sandwich thing that caught my eye, so I went. I really can't explain my desire for the sandwich, other than maybe because it has been about two weeks since I last had red meat.

Anyway, somehow the sandwich was bland. o.O I can't remember ever experiencing bland food before -- even just a little salt on something is plenty of taste for me. I finished the whole thing for the novelty of the blandness. (That sounds wacky, but I kept eating it thinking there had to be taste I was missing somehow...)

And in good news, Ellie New Cat has forgiven me. I've been trying to pick her up once a day to get her used to it, but yesterday she freaked out. Big, big fear reaction, bigger than I'd seen in a while. CAT EATING MONSTER IS GRABBING ME! And for the rest of the night, she ran from me. It was so sad, such a big backslide, I kicked myself for breaking all the trust we had built so far. Even this morning she was still avoiding me (she kept leaving any room I was in!). But luckily, when I got home from work tonight, I had been forgiven. She's been on my desk rubbing against me while I've been writing most of this post. Whew!
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