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Trader Joe, you done did me wrong. Again! (RL, WoW)

I have developed a strange obsession with pretzels. Not the thin crunchy kind, the big thick soft ones. Somehow I had never had one before in my life until a few months ago, now I want to eat nothing but them. So, when I heard of pretzel bread/rolls, I really really wanted to try it. One day (this day, in fact!) Trader Joe had pretzel rolls on sale, so I went in just for them.

I had stopped going to Trader Joe a while back. Quality sucked, prices were through the roof, things were rarely as advertised. So, I can say with some confidence, no matter that I've never had a pretzel roll before, that these are not pretzel rolls.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so. These are dense, soft, and sweet, but no other flavor than sweet. They're good, but they're not pretzel-y at all. (They're also 300 calories and 60 carbs for one roll! That's twice the carbs you should have in a meal! Arg!) I'll probably finish them (slowly, a half-roll at a time), but I won't be buying more from there.

In the land of WoW, we had our revenge on Naxx! I had gone once before, but the semi-random group we were with had some serious issues and things fell apart. Tonight it went smooth as heck! The shoulders I was after didn't drop, but that's not exactly shocking when something has a loot pool. We got the The Dedicated Few achievement, which I had really wanted (it tickles me, it reminds me of the guild I RP with, The Loyal Few). Plus a lot of good stuff dropped, so yay!

My damage wasn't great, wouldn't have been great even for WotLK (6.8K), but there were so many packs of trash and things would be dead before I could target something and /whine /whine /whine. But I only died once and all the bosses died, so it's all good. It's strange, but I swear I was doing better damage in WotLK. I'm stretching my memory here, but I think Haken (DK) and Thack (druid) were doing 8K on average. On the holiday boss this year, Haken was barely hitting 4K (Thack didn't do it), all my hunters did about 6K. I guess... both Thack and Haken had their best armor from doing instances, and now they're in quest greens, so I guess that makes the difference. ...I'm rambling!

Anyway, before Naxx, I got Reed to 20. He got 5 or 6 levels (I forget which) in an hour and a half through instancing. Amazing. But man, people in pugs. It was so so so easy to remember why I stopped doing those. Such godawful people. Fag this and gay that and tard and calling female bosses "ho"s.

Oh well. Hopefully RP tomorrow! And maybe the farmers market for pretzels!
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