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Mellow Saturday (WoW mostly)

No farmers market for me this morning. I get too much bad stuff there (pretzels, popcorn), and tend to get breakfast while out, so I skipped it this week. Not to mention, I still haven't finished all the fruit I bought last week. Sigh! I hate it when I do that. Such a waste.

It was a productive but mellow day on WoW. I got both Reed and Clove from 20 to 22. All through instances, most went without anything big happening. Oh what a wonderful, lovely thing when the run is done without one single word said in /party.

I finally got my Alliance side guild name changed. I had put it off this long because I just don't have time to keep up business on both factions. I log on once, maybe twice, a day to my Alliance AH mule to restock things and get what mats I can. I'm bringing in some money there, but it's just a fraction of my Horde business.

Anyway, the other half of my delay in renaming my Alliance guild was the lack of ideas for something better. But too many people mistake 'Team Jacob' to mean I'm a Twilight fan (instead of it being a worgen joke), so I needed something. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed that 'Her Doxy' would be a cute match to my 'His Doxy' on Horde.

I called a GM on myself! I gave them the URL for the Blizz page that said "no real life references" and told them I'd like to turn myself in and get the name changed before I got any complaints (ha). The GM changed it without batting an eye. So! Guild name change, free of charge! Woot!

I can't believe it's bedtime already. It feels like I just woke up a couple hours ago. Where'd the day go?
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