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Homeland of the week


That was my first reaction, anyway. I knew Brody wasn't a terrorist! HA! Unfortunately I don't believe this is the end of things, I think it could still swing back the other way. But for a moment I sure did have that 'I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! NO ONE ELSE BELIEVED ME! HA!' feeling.

It's funny, this ep almost makes me feel the other way now, that he really might be a terrorist. It feel like it fits more now. I understand that he feels he's not a hero, but people often have something in them that they don't know about. Kindness in a time of great pain and stress can be soul-shaping thing, now I can understand how the connection was made. I mean, I suppose I should have before, we got clips of the terrorist guy holding/patting his head and such, but hearing it in his own words now...

I feel so strange, I'm always feeling the opposite of how the show wants us to. Everyone was convinced that Brody was a terrorist, but I thought he wasn't. Now the show tells us that he's not one, and NOW I start suspecting he is. (Maybe I need to join the CIA, maybe I have a nose for this! :P Ha!)

Arg, no Walking Dead for me! My copy is just audio, no video. D:

WoW yesterday was a quiet day. Reed and Clove both got to 26 (5 levels for Reed, 1 for Clove, both done with one instance). It's strange leveling two alts at once, generally I focus on only one until they're done, then move on to the next.

I'm liking playing a paladin more and more. When I'm bad and play Let's Turn The Mob From The Tank*, there's no penalty -- I don't have to wait and hope the healer notices me, I can heal myself just fine. Tank drops from the group? I can take over. (Tanking is scary, frantic fun!) Heals out of mana? Well hello there, would you like me to help out?

(* I'm not serious, that's not a game I play. I know it's best to let tanks tank, the needs of the group always come before the amusement of any one person. But sometimes as I'm going through my rotation a mob will turn towards me, and it makes me smile.)

Other than that, had some RP and did a crapton of busywork. My AH work expands to fill what free time I have. There's always something to make, always more things to sell than I have time to deal with. I still dabble in flipping, but I continue to not like it that much. I bought some level 60 Darkmoon card for 20 gold (1% of usual cost, my addon told me), but it took forever to sell. Eventually it moved for 160, which was good even with the 3 gold/24 hour listing fee. Problem is, the addon is easily fooled as to what the value of an item really is.

I still kick myself for passing up on the 2 42K crimson deathchargers. I still kick myself for buying the magic rooster to flip. When it comes to judging myself, clearly I can't win! :P (I really should have bought the horses though...)
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