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Hell on Wheels, hell on RP.

Hell on Wheels: Thumbs down. I didn't even get through the first ep. In the first 15 minutes or so I liked the backgrounds and music enough to keep going with it, then I lost interest in even that. By the halfway point I was frowning, and by 45 minutes in I actively disliked it. I didn't finish even that one ep. Too violent for me, too bloody, I had zero interest in the characters -- worse than that, I disliked all of them.

My RP for the evening included people like this:

Daeleron cocks that head of his so rough, it slaps the male's facial features, as eyes, sharp in wit; study Thistle.

I'm still boggling. Everything he said sounded like it had been run through an online translator a few times. There was good RP too, though! And there was in between RP. I started looking early and didn't XP at all today (so lazy!) so I got quite a few scenes. Yay!

For the first time in what feels like forever, I didn't have a boneless skinless chicken breast for dinner. I ran out of them, and I'm so very sick of them I can't bring myself to buy more. I have to look into pork or turkey or something else to have now and then. (Or more ways to make the chicken!)

All in all, a darned good night! Hope everyone else has a good one, too! :)
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