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Apparently girls DO play WoW!

Since the queue was so short, I did four or five instances on Reed the Paladin today. The first couple were good, some tank pulled all of SM in like three pulls. Alas some DPS pissed him off and he left after two runs. Then I got some other tank, Mr. Tauren Paladin. Some BoE blue boots dropped, not perfect stats (agi/stam), but they were a big upgrade for me anyway, so I needed. He did as well. He won. Oh well, happens, at level 30 it's not like you're going to wear things for long anyway.

Then the party jumped on him. All of them. They told him to give them to me. That he didn't need them, I did.

Buh? He was a paladin too, we both needed, he won. I was fine with that. Happens. My concern at this point was finishing the instance. I want XP a lot more than boots! He ignored them, so they all kept heckling him. I could have spoken up in his defense, but we were almost to the last boss and I didn't want the group to break up before then. (I've seen it happen so many times.) So he pulls the last boss, we kill it, they all insult him one last time and drop. I didn't leave, I had to turn in quests. He stuck around too.

...buh? I have no idea why he thought I was together with any of the others, let alone why he would assume that one of the others was a girl and I was a guy. He actually gave me the boots, which I thanked him for. The line left me scratching my head though. I suppose it was supposed to be an insult? What kind of man am I, letting some uppity woman speak in my defense?


Related: I don't know if bear tanking is still rough in the 30s or I've just only run into sucky ones. Paladins seem to have a lot more control of things at this range.

Not much RP tonight. Had one long scene with someone who wrote nice long posts, but for some reason there was no spark. She seemed really nice OOCly, the character was both nice and interesting ICly, and Thistle would make friends with a rock if given half a chance, but for some reason the two characters just didn't click.

During the scene I did some math. In about two weeks Thistle should have enough gold for his flying mount/flying lessons. I know it's silly to plan that out so closely, but it's fun to calculate how many herbs/day he gets, estimate gold, and all that.

I poked around mount lists and such, trying to find the right flying mount for him (and groaning at the idea of doing jousting dailies yet again), then decided a wind rider is the best thing. Plus they're actually kind of cool looking, I've not really looked at one (let alone rode one) in ages.
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