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It's going to be a long short week.

Two day week tomorrow, but it feels like vacation should be started already, so I suspect Monday and Tuesday will be painful.

I know it will shock and amaze people when I say I don't believe in the zodiac, but I still find this pretty cool. The Signs of the Zodiac, Represented by Disney Princesses. Mine is easily one of the best of them:

Speaking of Disney, I have The Hunchback of Notre Dame queued up and ready to go. I suspect I'll watch it over the long holiday weekend. I'm interested to see if the Frollo/Esmeralda part of the plot will catch my interest as much as it did the first time I saw the movie. Now and again I watch the Hellfire song on youtube and love it every time. I can't wait to see it as part of the movie.

I bought another icon commission because I'm a weak, weak person with only 138 of 210 icon slots used. I'm hoping it will come out well and be a good one to use for the winter/holiday season.

WoW is WoW. RP, some good and some bad, and today we tried Sarth 3D with four people to try to get a drake for a friend, but we didn't have the DPS to succeed. We got close every time though! I like one big/longer living boss better than lots of little ones, and I dodged the fire wall thing successfully every time! I didn't remember until we were in the middle of it, but I had watched videos of the fire wall, back when the raid was new. (Plus I remember poor fealubryne doing it with under 3 FPS!)

Oh hey, the icon got done while I was writing this, yay! Look at the larger version of it, too. Is it not spiffy? :D

The artist has slots left if anyone else wants one!
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