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I hate signs that I'm getting old. I'm not sure what else this could be. RP kept me up hours later than usual last night, and while I slept late enough (8 AM) to make me no more short on sleep than I usually am, the whole entire day my head has been in a fog. Headache the whole day, unable to focus, tons of typos, and my writing was just... challenged. Usually when I write a RP post the words come flying out, brain to screen, but today I was stumbling in my typing and my wording of everything was so rough.

That aside, tons of interesting RP! Know what one of the coolest thing about RP is? When you have no idea what your own character would do, but you learn it as it happens. (Rrr, I'm probably wording that badly.) Thistle got taken hostage last night, tossed in a jail cell by the (supposed) good guys. Tiny cell, not room for much more than a bed, so when the paladin entered it as well and demanded his weapons and gear? What could he do but hand them over? (Even in the best of situations, Thistle couldn't win against a paladin. He's a hunter with no animal and no melee skills. Maybe if they started off at max shooting range...) Anyway, it was seriously interesting to learn as it happened what Thistle would do in that situation. You're weaponless, locked up by the enemy. How do you fight back? How do you resist? Turns out his "flowerchild" nickname was fitting -- passive resistance. They asked him questions, he said nothing. They gave him food/drink, he ignored it. They wanted to heal his wounds, and the only reason he agreed was because he got something in return (his horse taken care of). It was so interesting to see how much that frustrated them! What an effective tool doing nothing is.

Between last night's late scene and this morning's early RP, I made chicken soup stock. Unfortunately I made a mistake and didn't realize the solution until it was too late. I started out with less water than last time, so by the three hour point, there wasn't enough left. I should have put the lid on it much much sooner. So, for hours of cooking, I got only four single-serving sized containers of broth.

So tired, brain so fuzzy. 5:30 PM and my dailies aren't even done yet (usually I finish them before the sun comes up!).
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