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So tired. I have no idea how I can both not sleep and get nightmares. Maybe three hours of very broken sleep last night, and in that time I had three nightmares, all basically the same. Ten people taken and placed on the block I grew up on, all had to kill each other, last one standing "wins" (gets to survive). As I don't fight, run slower than anyone, and have generally no survival skills, this game was really not very fun for me. In addition to the nightmares, I got up twice during the night to be sick. Stupid body.

Work was rough, then yay RP! Eeee! Basically all afternoon and evening I spent RPing, woot. :D Happy stuff!

And then the wonderful prettyredeyes drew Thistle for me! :O Suddenly I have more pictures of Thistle than any other character! (Even more than FFXI Thistle had, I bet!) You can see the small version in the icon, but look at the full sized version! Is he not cute as a button? :D And his hair is so perfect and I love the texture of the picture! And his armor makes me grin. :D

My sinuses are killing me today. I'm going to go to bed early, but I hope they don't keep me up.

Sometime during the day today I watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. SO MUCH LOVE IT DESERVES ALL CAPS. Shane is the most interesting character ever. :D I'm not sure why the idea didn't strike me before this ep, but Rick's group has guns, the other group does not. Why would they just leave? I know they want to be nice and good, but if your choice is between squatting on someone else's farm and death? Really? You're going to just wander off? I hope Shane gets this idea too, and they stay by force
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