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Thank Minigob Manabonk for this post (WoW)

It was almost a night without a post, then Minigob Manabonk struck. As I'm often in Dalaran, he makes a habit of sheeping me, but he finally, finally sent me his object: the wand that lets you sheep another player in Dal. And so the hunt was on! Being all sneaky and perhaps toothily grinning, I lured a certain SPY to Dalaran and used it on him. Meet Jad the sheepish spy!

Since I'm posting! My Horde guild bank is 100% out of space, and I can't buy more tabs without leveling it, so I made another guild for myself. I had His Doxy and Her Doxy, so I was thinking about Its Doxy, but I didn't like how that sounded, so I went with Boxy Doxy. The thought of a boxy doxy amused me, plus 'box' for storing things. One tab is already full of mats! (I ran short when Cata dropped, I'm going to be ready for MoP!)

RP didn't happen tonight, sort of. I got one scene, then three posts in the guy vanished into a dungeon. I got a second scene, and ONE post later the guy had to go tank a raid. Sigh. PRIORITIES, PEOPLE. :P

Other than that, the day was made better by some very good news. It's not my news to share, but the people involved know about it and I'm happy for how everything came out and I'm really excited for future things. :D <8 <-- Infinity love!
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