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"But do not forget what we cannot forgive"

I need more time to watch movies... I still haven't watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and now I really, really want to watch Lion King and Lion King 2 again, too.

Tonight's RP kept triggering (if that word can be used this way) Disney songs. It started with one character saying 'we are one', and the Lion King 'We Are One' song started playing in my head (which is odd, because I didn't even remember the song or how it went, but when the character said the phrase, the whole song just started playing). Following a link from there, I got to Not One Of Us. Wow, what a powerful song! I kind of remember LK2 not being so good, but if this song is any indication, I'm remembering totally wrong.

(Song starts at a minute in.) Watching that makes me miss Lion King RP (and it's been 15+ years since Lion King MUCK!). Huh, wow, looks like the MUCK is still up and running. Must resist!

Then of course we got to I Just Can't Wait To Be Lich King, and things really took off. :D

In less cheerful news (or more, depending), I can't believe that archaeology was nerfed again, and another major one. "Archaeology leveling speed was also increased, now granting 5-9 fragments per dig. The number of fragments required to solve an artifact has also been decreased slightly." I don't know why they don't just give out a Professor title to anyone who opens the profession. Old rant, I know. I try to resist, but it makes me all grrrrr. Just give me a sign that reads 'I did this when it was hard' and I'd be happy. :P

On a very related note, FFXI still haunts me (in a bad way). I went into the new Darkmoon Faire expecting it to be horrible, painful, hours upon hours of boring, hard dailies. Even with the first-day rush, I finished everything on a lowbie alt in less than an hour. Not bad at all! I wish I could get the lessons FFXI taught me out of my head. WoW is different!, don't ask me to explain how I can be against archaeology nerfs after that paragraph. I don't understand my head either. Even news of the fishing nerf annoyed me, and I don't even like skilling fishing!

Hmm, strange that I have no Disney icons.
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