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WTS pretty goth princess? (WoW, Glee)

Thistle could be the prettiest goth girl at the prom if he'd only wear a kilt/skirt thing. It's even prettier in game than in the screenshot, bright purple and glossy black. I wish I could use it, but... could you see Thistle trying to ride Symmetry in that thing?

I didn't like Glee tonight for oh so many reasons. I could rant about it, but... meh. Glee isn't even worth the effort of ranting anymore. At least usually I like the music, but this week it was almost all a miss for me. Including what might be the worst match ever song for me. A song about a red plastic cup. About how much this guy likes a red plastic cup. How anyone who would rather drink from an OMG glass cup does not have "testicles" (taken direct from the lyrics). I don't think I could be more annoyed and put-off by a song than this. Heh, I'm growing more and more annoyed just sitting here writing this paragraph. Oh well, I suppose since I do not possess testicles, the singer really wouldn't care about my opinion on things.

I was actually having a nice, relaxing night until that song came along. I had some RP, Twitter was fun, I did a lot of busy work, and I made a WoW discovery: Those five free craftskill levels from the faire are actually a big deal. Of my eight alchemists, six were stopped at 520, since that's all they needed to make money and the last five levels would cost lots and I don't need them. (The other two have the vial of the sands recipe, so needed to be taken to 525.) Faire = all of them are now 525, for a few copper.

Oh god, now that awful song is stuck in my head. Noooo, why'd I listen to the beginning of it again for this post.
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