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I really, really love the Ice Cream Center... but hate my friends (WoW)

You know, tonight was actually really, really fun. Not that I'm going to become a raider or anything, but I enjoyed it. :D

When the raid folks say "Important! Everyone pay attention on guild chat!" and you reply that you (as the only non-guildy in the raid) can't see it, and they tell you not to worry, that it wasn't important... don't listen. :D

Well, I suppose there's no better boss to be on my back under! And how many times does someone get a chance to solo the Lich King? HEEE! :D

In almost as fun news, yay! We got all the achievements I needed and I got the bestest mount in the game! Eee! I have vial of sands on him already, but I'd much rather use this. :D :D

What exactly do they feed folks in ICC?

Why in the world is he so big?

I died twice, once because MY FRIENDS MURDERED ME ON PURPOSE and once because I lost focus on my surroundings -- I was supposed to be doing something with the Lich King's balls, so I was concentrating on that, then suddenly the ground vanished under me and I fell to my death. But hey, I stopped all the balls before I died!

I can't stop grinning. :D
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