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Welcome home, Crowfeathers! (RL, TV, WoW)

This interview with a Megadeth band member turned Christian is just the most mind boggling thing to read.

"They're taking God out of the schools to dumb us down."

... Okay then. Credit to the interviewer for staying as professional as he did.

I'm surprised they ended the season like they did. It could have been a horribly terrible cliffhanger, but they didn't. There are still lots of unanswered questions, but if they had ended it on him in the shelter with the bomb vest on it would have been so much worse.

As much as I like the show, I kind of wish it had ended differently. I love Brody, I really do, but I wish the bomb would have worked. How different things would have been for Carrie. They could have even ended the season/series with the bomb going off, that would have rocked.

Oh well, can't wait for season two!

Crowfeathers is my WoW character who has had the most RL money spent on him, more than all my other alts put together. He started on one server (Feathermoon), he moved to a PvE one to play with friends (Durotar), then he moved to WRA. Then he moved to Alliance on WRA, and tonight he moved back to Horde. So that's, what, $120 of RL money on him alone. D: It kills me to think about that.

But! He's back home on Horde now. He started out as a tauren, went to worgen, and I was kind of thinking of making him a tauren again (maybe female, because they look better than males), but I couldn't do it. Blood elf or ugly cow thing? Easy choice. So now I have belf hunter #3 on Horde WRA. c.c At least hunter #4 is a worgen?

The excuse I used to move him was that I was short on Christmas gifts (not enough finished products I wanted on Horde AH or mats to make them), but that was really just an excuse. I had 330K gold on Alliance that I was itching to move to Horde. As usual, I filled his bank and bags with Alliance-only vendor stuff, so I'll be selling that for ages. (My guild bank is such a mess! Arg!)

I got a little RP tonight, which was great. I hadn't for the last couple nights, and it shocked me that I couldn't find Thistle's voice at first. Eek! Character voices don't usually vanish that fast! But luckily it came back.

It's always amusing when IC things turn up in RL. I had to (had to! had to! had to!) get my Christmas cards out tonight (tomorrow is the last day to mail them and have them arrive on time). One of the cards had glitter on it, so now it's all over my desk. I can't stop snickering. (Glitterbombs have been featured in our RP lately. :D )
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