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A good good night (WoW, RP, TV)

It's nice when it can be considered a good night and it's only 6 PM.

The evening started swimmingly: Someone was apparently quitting WoW and listed a ton of stuff on the AH for one copper each. Happy, happy, happy me! SO MANY MATS! I resold much of it, but a lot of it I can use so I kept. She kept putting page after page of stuff up. Eventually I had to go RP and so likely missed more sales, but...

Best RP Ever. :D I was so nervous about RPing a new alt (Clove), especially since I haven't RPed a character like him since MUSH days -- young, male, confident as all hell. High school-ish in age, goth king of the school. The reason (or one of them) that I was nervous was because he was so perfectly confident and cool -- I'm NOTHING like that, so how could I pull it off? Then I realized... kid. Teen. He may have a perfect act down, but that's all it is: an act. He didn't have to be perfect. It was the mask slipping and the act failing that really caught my interest. I'm looking forward to RPing him more.

I suck at RPing more than one character at a time, so the trick is going to be not losing Thistle's voice. D: *cuddles Thistle close*

And on the TV end of things, I love Teen Wolf so much! It makes me flail, because it's on MTV and what good show is shown on MTV? While checking to see when the second season starts, I noticed the show's ratings are really, really good... with females 12-34. Heh. But major newspapers, like the New York Post and Daily News all give it good reviews, so I guess I've not just suddenly lost my taste in things. I love the characters so much, three more eps until I'm caught up (*sob!*), but then I can read fanfic! Eee! I hope there's good stuff out there.
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