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Assorted things!

Happy holidays, whatever day whatever holiday your winter holiday falls on falls on!

I've been resisting posting this ALL MONTH, but it's finally time! Little Taiko Boy, otherwise known as the Japanese condom fairy video! (NWS for lyrics, suggestiveness.) Best Christmas Video Ever. :D

"On my tum-tum~"

Found on my friendsfriends list, if I had to have a Christmas tree, I'd love decorating it like this. So creative and amusing! Though you'd have to be careful the company you had over, I suppose.

vorrick found the best music video ever. I love the animation and the music in this! So cool and interesting!

I got lucky with fanfic. I finished Teen Wolf, so I went poking about to see what kind of fanfic there is out there. The first story didn't work for me, but the second? I LOVE IT. And "story" is an understatement! It's a slight AU, with a whole bunch of stories in it! I've been reading it basically nonstop for two days now. Sadly I'm almost to the end. :/ hart_and_sole is the wonderful author.

And lastly, a letter:


No, I did not want to sob my eyes out at 10:30 this morning. Why, oh why, are your commercials getting worse and worse? Your Christmas animal commercial? "Animals are dying... waiting for your help", showing poor little kittens and sad dogs and arg!

Seriously, I don't know how you pack that much sadness into one commercial. Please stop it.

No love, but many tears,

PS: It's a mercy to my friends list that I don't link it here. I don't believe anyone who cares about animals would be able to watch it without crying.
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