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*flails around blindly*

Winter is supposed to be our rainy season. We go nine months or so without a drop of rain, then the three months over winter we get our rain, usually a couple storms and some drizzle.

This year it's rained once. (And not even a storm, light rain.)

Forget about the poor plants and grasses, forget our impending shortage of water to drink and wash our cars and water those poor plants, the air is so horrible!

I had to take my contacts out at 6 PM today, they were just so dry and miserable I couldn't see. I HATE having to use my glasses, I feel like I have blinders on all around my eyes (which makes sense, since outside of the frames there's no prescription coverage).

I sound like a darned worgen, too. *SNORT*SNIFFLE*SNORT* My poor sinuses! Ow ow ow.

I'm starting to consider doing a rain dance.
Tags: health: sinuses, rl
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