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Day started out bad, ended great.

I had such an annoying dream last night, and I blame tersa for it. ;) It started with me waiting in line to go for a job interview, and ahead of me in the line were people from my workplace who were more qualified than me. Finally it was my turn to go in. The beginning of it went surprisingly well (the chatting/being social/seeing if you can act like a good person part), then it got to the technical quiz. The first question was "Describe the situation you'd use a whenif statement in" and I had never heard of a whenif statement before and my stomach feel through the floor. Then the next question was about .tcl scripts, which at least I understood the question but I couldn't answer it at all. I had to stop him and tell him that I just wasn't qualified at all and how much more qualified the people he interviewed ahead of me were.

Worst part is, it felt like it was happening real time, like the dream lasted as long as it took to wait in line and be interviewed. Ugh!

Then the day was relaxing and slow, I got to read more than usual (yay!) and watched some TV.

Then... RP! RP is the best stuff ever. :D It started out bad because these sucky people were just so sucky, but then they left and it got good! And it's all exciting now because NEW STUFF and I have to go to sleep but I'm all bouncy and my brain is going a mile a minute.

So tired. zzz So not ready to go back to work tomorrow.
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