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Worst use of a $5 chicken ever, books (RL)

I decided to make spaghetti sauce this weekend. It's one of the few (only?) things I can cook that come out great every time, but the problem is that eating a lot of tomato-based stuff gives me horrible heartburn, so I try to resist making it.

While I was at the supermarket to pick up the stuff for it, I noticed that the $5 Friday special was a roasted chicken. Since I needed lunch, I grabbed one. It turned out to be a very meh lunch (way too greasy), but it was sitting in so much "juice" at the bottom I figured it would make outstanding soup. Me? Cook two things in one weekend? Impossible!

Turns out that was right. I came home after work to my apartment smelling VERY chickeny. "I'm surprised how much smell escaped the fridge," I thought. Turns out I left the chicken on the counter by mistake. c.c Bah!

Books: I've been going back and forth about making my 2012 book posts private or letting folks see them. I won't always write big reviews about the books, so I thought private would be better (so I wouldn't feel like people were expecting something of me), but I think I'll just LJ cut them instead.

Trading in Danger, by Elizabeth Moon.

I had strong reactions to the previous two books I read from Moon (one I loved, one I hated), and this one was no different. From the very first words, I was hooked on the story. I loved the main character. I took time away from computer stuff so I could read more (which is rare of me to do).

By the end of the book, I had minor issues with the main character (she was really, really, really close to the line of being too perfect), but I still fully enjoyed it and didn't regret reading it.

I'm not sure why, but I rarely read space-based books. Scifi? Sure. fantasy? Out of my ears! But for some reason I'm not drawn to books set in space. I love the idea of space travel, of living on another planet, aliens to meet, all that, so I don't understand at all why I don't read more books set in outer space. Trading in Danger showed all the excitement (and boredom and danger) of space travel, how interesting foreign worlds could be, all that good stuff.

I bought the next book in this (series? trilogy?) already, but I wanted to read something different before I start in on it.

So, book #2 is...

I buy books whenever they catch my interest, way way way faster than I can read them, which leads to a nice thing: I can pick a book at random to read, and I know it'll likely be something I like or am interested in. It's like I have a bookstore full of books, all perfect for me!

When I picked Thrall next, I picked it based on name and cover alone. Don't judge a book by its cover? In my case, it's perfectly fine to do so! I have zero idea if it's an adult book or young adult, what it's about, or anything. I don't remember why I bought it, I don't remember buying it at all! This makes it even more fun, that I'm going into it totally blind. It's an adventure!

Edit: This is the funniest, cutest dog video ever:

Credit to treuegrit for linking me!
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