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Bad dog! Bad! (RP, WoW)

I've not been RPing lately, which is bad. I've been really short on sleep, distracted with other things, stressed, lots of excuses. But the thing is, the less I RP, the less I want to RP, cycling down and down until I feel like I don't even know how to RP anymore and then I avoid it for that reason. So, when I go too long without it, I force myself to get out there and just get random RP. Which sometimes leads to bad situations.

Thistle (the character) has a new puppy, tiny little thing, the mother was killed so he has to raise it himself. I spotted a pregnant woman, and though it was a thin thread, hey, something they could talk about! Puppy is still drinking milk, woman's going to be feeding a baby soon, so Thistle approached her. Once he learned she was a hunter, he asked her if she knew how old the pup might be. I whispered her OOCly that she was three weeks old, in case her character would know. Her reply:

10 18:58:07.030 Aerialyn whispers: (She would know.. Aeri is a big fan of the animals.. Was more or less raised in the wild with them)

That made me highly wary, but I ignored it and pressed on. She and the husband are having sucky RP in the background while she and I were ICly talking. To the husband:

10 18:59:33.421 Aerialyn says: I shift into wolf.. He already is.


Wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt, I asked OOCly to be sure:
10 19:01:22.343 Thistle ((I'm sorry, am I misunderstanding? Did you just say you can become a wolf ICly?))
1/10 19:01:38.526 Aerialyn says: (Yes. )

Well... I RPed, so I guess I accomplished my goal? I don't know what these people are thinking...

In other WoW news, it has been a good couple days money-wise. Yesterday I snagged two blue and one purple designs/pattern, each for under 10 gold. Listed all for 300 each, one sold already.

Today I spotted a rich purple shirt pattern on the Alliance AH for 35 gold!!! I snagged it, tipped a friend 100 gold to help me move it to Horde-side, and now have it listed at 7K. I expect it'll move for 7K-5K, but I won't be dropping the price fast at all.

I've been getting a few items like those lately, which make me quite happy. By low, sell high. Do your research. Roll in your gold.

Now to go back and try to find more RP...
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