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Has it been a week already?

While I've been reading my flist daily, I fell out of the habit of posting. A big part of it is that I'm still reading the Harry Potter fanfic I posted about. I posted that on 1/9, eight days ago, and I've been reading it with all of my free time since then (entire weekend days!) and I'm still only 40 or so chapters in. It boggles me at how good and long fics can be, and they're free! A writer like that one should be charging for his work.

RL is RL. Went to the doctor and everything's gotten better, every single test she did. So yay. Also, she found out the reason I've been getting so sick with stomach troubles lately. It's not something I want to write about here, other than it's a relief to know I'm not crazy and there's logic behind it/it's not just a randomly happening thing.

WoW is WoW. I finally closed shop on Alliance side. My gold is trapped there, I'll never faction change another alt to Horde. I have 30K gold there, enough if I want to roll another blue alt. No need to spend my time making more there.

Clove the warlock hit 60, which means all ten of my alts can fly. WOO. Reed the paladin is 81. He'll be 85 #9 when he hits it. Scary thought. Scarier thought: MoP will raise the level cap. I'll have to level all 10 alts again.

Archaeology is slower. With the reduced Northrend XP, Reed is 81 and still needs three more rares to Professor. This makes me feel bad, as all my other alts got it 79 or earlier (pre-XP change).

It's been a long time since WoW made me sad compared to FFXI, but I leveled skinning from 1-525 in a couple hours and it depressed me endlessly. Where's the feeling of accomplishment when it's so easy?

RP is still good (understatement!). I love RP. I love the people I RP with. I love Thistle and his eee little wolf puppy. RP makes me bouncy-happy.

So basically everything's either the same or good. :) <3 to everyone!
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