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A weekend of cooking (Cooking, RP, computer)

Saturday started off with making chicken stock/soup/broth whatever you want to call it. I kind of forgot to do the first step (brown garlic in olive oil) so I threw the garlic in two hours into the simmering, but it still worked out fine. Also, I read that throwing just a little (1-2 tablespoons for a big pot) of soy sauce would help the flavor a lot without tasting the soy sauce, so I tried that. I have no idea if the soy made a difference, but it still came out well. Most of it is packed away in the freezer for later use.

Today's cooking was yummy yummy yummy. Mostly I eat boring chicken all the time, but now and then I make something else. Today it was Crock pot baby back ribs. They were simple as heck, even for me. I followed that recipe exactly, other than I didn't have a spice rub (so instead I just used salt and pepper). I'm not sure what the point of baking them in the oven first was, as you can see from the picture they don't brown at all and almost no grease comes off them. But I did that, then put them into the crock pot with the sauce in the fridge overnight (so I wouldn't have to deal with cooking them in the morning). Five hours later (one hour on high, four on low), they were amazing. Sweet Baby Ray is the yummiest sauce I've ever had (which I knew before today, but is worth repeating).

I wish I had bought more ribs. Sprouts sells meat in tiny little packages (as well as normal or large sizes), so I can buy single serving sizes. Which, unfortunately, I did. One day I shall make these again!

On RP, I can never decide if RPing over Twitter counts as RP. Last night I kept saying that I should go RP, but Twitter was so busy that I couldn't even walk away to get a drink. I don't know why I balk at calling Twitter stuff RP, because what else would it be?

I decided Reed needs the "of Silvermoon" title (though it will kill me using it when he has Professor as well), so I've been doing SMC quests on him. SO BORING. And worse than boring, even with the +10% guild bonus, I don't think there are enough quests. D: I still need 18K rep and I've done all the big zones (Eversong, Ghostwood, Falcon Watch in Hellfire, and Blasted Lands), the rest of the quests are one or two scattered in various zones. Oh how I wish we could still turn in cloth for rep...

My computer kept shutting itself down today, which worried me greatly. On the last time, I decided to stop being a slacker and open it up and blow the dust out. It was so hot, eek! There didn't seem to be much dust in there though. I left the side open for now, but I'm not sure about keeping it open -- it'd get more air, but it'd get more dust and cat hair, too.
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