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My turn! (Question for your IC characters!)

Currently trending with my circle of RP folks is making a post asking questions of your IC character. Feel free to leave a comment no matter where you RP! And if you don't RP, feel free to answer for your RL self if you like. It's all good! There's no stupid questions answers!

My question is based on the His Dark Materials world, a series of books and one movie (The Golden Compass). The basic idea is your soul is an animal (called a daemon), something outside your body that can be seen by others. Your soul reflects the essential you: Someone in the army might have a German Shepherd dog. A maid might have a lapdog. Someone who loves flying above all else would have a bird. A pirate might have a seal or fish. It could also reflect some non-job part of you: an introvert might have a turtle, for example.

So the question is: What would your character's daemon be? Why?

Unfortunately my characters are easy and unsurprising... though... Thistle's would lead to a question about the basics of theme. When people are children, their daemons are fluid, they change from animal to animal. It's only when someone grows up that their daemon takes one shape. So my question is: If something radical and life-changing happened to an adult character, something that changed them to the core forever, would their daemon change? Thistle's would now be a dog, a scruffy happy mutt, but it wouldn't have always been.

So that's the bonus question: If you're familiar enough with the His Dark Material world, what do you think about an adult's daemon changing? (Though just asking that question makes me feel like I'm risking being a Special Snowflake...)

Reed's dog daemon has gone rabid. :/
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