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Ellie New Cat and Things That Don't Go Well On Chicken

Cream of (something) soup is generally a winner to top a chicken breast with. Cream of chicken has the right number of carbs to have with a meal, so that's been my go-to soup. While picking up more, I eyed the other options.

Cream of Potato soup. Hmmm. Chicken + potato = Sunday night dinner, right? Maybe so, but the soup was a poor match. On its own, the soup was surprisingly good. (I worried it might be god awful.) I ate the chunks of potato out of it. But the soup with the chicken was just wrong. Somehow the texture was horribly terribly scary awful.

Have I mentioned how tired I am of chicken breasts? I've lost track of how many months I've been eating them now, with only two ways I know how to make them. lokyst suggested I try garam masala spices, so that's the next thing I'm attempting, likely Monday night.

In Ellie news, I can't believe I've had her her almost a year now. She came home with me on February 26th 2011. It's even more surprising that she's still making progress (or maybe I should word that 'it's even more surprising that a year later there's still progress to be made').

Over the last couple days she's turned a really big corner. I've been thinking about how to describe it, but I haven't come up with a better way than this: She's finally seeing me. She looks at me and sees me. She meets my eyes and sees me, not just sees a horrible cat-eating monster.

While she still doesn't like being picked up, she likes being held. When I hold her to my shoulder, she puts her head against mine and purrs. It's such a wonderful thing.

I know this will sound awful, but I still don't feel love for her. I'm not blaming her, but it's hard to feel a connection with something that doesn't look at you and expects you to hurt it. It's only now with her starting to see me that I'm starting to feel more, feel a connection. I'm really, really happy I do. I'd like her to become more than just "a nice cat I happen to live with because no one else wanted".
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