Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Free icon day! And computer

Copy pasting is hard on iPad, so here is artist's whole post:

I'm open for requests for free icons over on my livejournal, here -

There are a few tip incentives, and tips are appreciated, but not required. I've done this twenty times, previously, and you can see my last completed batch, here - and other examples by clicking the 'icon day' tag in my journal.

Feel free to swing on by and grab an icon!

/// icon on this post was a free one!

Edit: computer repair place called. Said it really is only the power supply. O.o Will cost under $200 to fix, so going for it. Color me surprised! This is very unexpected.

Edit 2: I HAVE A COMPUTER! Yay! It cost only $120 total. o.O I didn't have a credit left with them (I checked my old emails, looks like they sent me a check instead), but hey.

I turned my WoW settings back up to ultra to see if it would explode again how it would do. Fans are loud, but so far no crashes.

I'm going to switch over to the laptop when it arrives, but this way I can do it slowly and without losing things. WHEW!
Tags: computer troubles, first-world problems, icons, technology is hard!
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