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So very close to a RP guild! I wandered SMC for a couple hours, then got all down at finding no RP and so returned to standing in front of the AH for an hour, then decided to give it one last chance. Wandered the city, saw a group of Death Knights! Oh happy day /Thistle.

While some of them were somewhat lacking in RSPs (had them, but two of the three were really short), the RP was good enough. Not outstanding, but better than WoW average. Thistle asked if they were Ebons (which would have been a deal breaker), but nope! They didn't even like Ebons! Perfect!

Thistle asked about ghouls (or rather, launched into his usual spiel about protecting them and such), and they all laughed at him. One person nearly fell off her horse laughing. Sigh. Even disagreement could have been okay, but then they launched into "We could use ghouls as punching bags during training!" and Thistle went all :[ at them.

He stood around during their interview of a new person, and the leader asked Thistle if he wanted to join. My heart went all YAY YAY YAY!, but there was the IC still to be dealt with. Thistle asked if they'd not abuse ghouls if he joined. The leader replied "We'd try not to do it in front of you"... :/

Blah. I hadn't even really thought of this (stupid of me), how hard of a fit Thistle would be for most IC groups. So not only do I have to find an IC guild (rare), I need one with at least good-for-WoW RP (rare), one lead by a DK if possible (rare), and a non-Ebon DK (rare)... A daunting task, to say the least.

Semi-relatedly, I reread my app for the journal-based RP game I think it's good enough. I need to just finish the two writing samples and it'll be ready to submit. I hadn't realized that journal RP means you need at least a handful of character icons, so I worked on that for one evening. So, once I finish the app, if it gets accepted I'll be good to go!

I spent part of tonight looking for active MU*s, too. It's seriously depressing how few games are even running anymore, let alone have people on them. Happily I know of GarouMUSH, so once I have time to spare, I'm going to poke at the website and the theme and try to see if I can get familiar enough again to app something!

I will find you, RP, somewhere! :)
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