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2 good RPs + 2 good TV shows = ... 4 happy Thistles?

I really, really wish I had started watching The Talking Dead sooner. I'm not sure why I didn't. I love The Walking Dead, and The Talking Dead is about The Walking Dead, so... should have been logical! I now have Tivo set to grab it, but I want to look into seeing the previous eps, too.

On a Walking Dead-related note, points to vorrick for comparing Karnak to the barn full of walkers. :D

Even though I like reality TV, I've never watched Celebrity Apprentice or The Apprentice before. But Celebrity Apprentice has a lot of folks I like in this season (Penn Jillette, George Takei, Clay Aiken, and others), so I decided to check it out. It's really interesting to see them all interacting! I should have checked out this show sooner, or at least the Celebrity version of it.

Two good RP scenes too, yay! First I caught vorrick for a fun scene on IM. LOVE IM RP! No buffer limit! Line breaks mid-post! And as a selfish bonus, I can stand in front of the AH while RPing! Best of both worlds! The second was an ear cutting off scene, during which Thistle got to happily (if needlessly) play watchdog. :D

Speaking of the AH, my gold has stayed depressingly the same for two weeks now. While I know why it's happening, it's annoying to see it not moving (or going down!). I've bought up a flock of Swift Lovebirds to sell at a later date (seven of them, though my mount collector has not used one) and a number of the horrible Peddlefeet pets (six of them). Assuming if I can hold out until MoP, I think that will be the best time to move them. Hmm, I might even ship them off to my save-for-MoP guild bank, so they're out of sight until then.

I wish I could stockpile more mats for MoP, but I'm actually already using the ones I had been saving. Based on the AH, not many folks are leveling, certain mats are so rare. I have enough herbs to level two alchemists to max in one go, I can't decide if I should sell them now (fewer other sellers, but fewer buyers) or wait until MoP (more people needing them, but more people selling them).

So tired, but thinking about AH stuff (and good TV and yay RP!) makes me so happy. :)
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