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Life imitates RP

With all the IC talk about cultists, it's somewhat ironic that now everyone is going to think I'm one RL.

I came home from work, my cat was on her cat post wanting love, so I scooped her up as I've done many times before. But, as sometimes happens, she freaked out over something she had previously been fine with. I now have a pitchfork-shaped bloody clawed mess across the front of my throat. c.c If it's anything like the clawing she did to my leg, it's going to be a week of scabbed over mess before it heals up and fades. It's in the shape of a pitchfork.

I swear that I'm not a devil worshiper.

Maybe I can claim it's shaped like a chicken footprint instead. I'm not sure if that's actually better or not.

At least I'm not a teenager. If people saw a teenager with a three-pronged injury on their throat, I'm sure the first assumption would be that they did it on purpose.

My leg mauling was actually kind of interesting. It looked like I had been attacked by a small lion. The jagged cuts were interesting to see, the patterns claws can make.

Dear Ellie: Let's keep these things in out of sight places, okay? If you have to do it at all? Love, me
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