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Two letters (RL)

Dear tree outside my window,

Yes, you're very pretty. You're not even fully in bloom yet and you're dropping pretty little pink and purple flowers all over the place. It makes even my driveway look festive.

Problem is, you and all your flowering friends are killing my allergies. My sinuses have been throbbing for days. My face hurts. My eyes burn. I haven't been able to breathe through my nose for a week.

Stop it, or I'll task our scientists with finding a way to neuter trees, then you'll have no pollen to spread and won't be able to make new baby trees. Our scientists are better than yours, so don't think we can't do it.



Dear kamalloy,

LJ hates you or it hates me, or perhaps it hates both of us. Maybe the site is threatened by the idea of us being friends. For more than a year now, I haven't been able to leave a comment on your posts. I get a "Error 500! Sorry, the service is currently unavailable due to technical issues." error every single time. It's only your LJ, no one else's. It happens both at home and at work, so I don't think it's caused by something on my end.

I hope you've been able to see all the comments I've left for you in my head.

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