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THIS is why Rick Santorum is against sending people to college... (RL, political)

Sunday mornings, I turn the news on. After the news comes a Face The Nation-like show (This Week with George Stephanopoulos). Usually I'm too lazy to change the channel to something less political. Sometimes that is a good thing. Sometimes it's not.

I've known all along that Rick Santorum was someone I'd never vote for, but this is the first time I've listened to the man himself talk about his opinions. Oh. My. God. So scary-insane! He doesn't want kids to go to college, why? Because "liberal professors" "indoctrination" good conservative kids and brainwash them. No, Rick, that is the result of education, of seeing a bigger worldview than just your state or just this one country. (Edit: I've reread this paragraph a few times and I'm uncertain if it's implying something I don't mean. I do not mean that you cannot be right wing and intelligent. What I do mean is that knowledge makes hatred harder.)

When a president or America makes a mistake, a mistake that hurts people, he does not believe they should apologize. Arg! No matter your intent, if you hurt someone, even by mistake, how is apologizing not the right thing to do!

And one of the more scary things? He does not believe in the separation of church and state. Oh, he phrased it in not so black and white terms ("there's too much separation now, there should be more religion, more people of faith, in the government. People of faith should be in every part of the government..."). And of course, "people of faith" only means his faith...

And of course this sickening "religions are being bullied" line of crap. (Which, again, means HIS religion. Going to be defending Muslim folks anytime soon, Rick? When just minutes ago you said the president should NOT apologize for burning the Quran?)

I really, really wish I had more faith that this will come out okay. I think it will. The longer the Republican primaries go on, the more money they drain. Obama can just sit back and watch it all. I worry that people will believe it's a sure thing and not get out and vote though. I believe people might actually buy this stuff Santorum says and vote for him. Arg! Why can't we agree as a country to NOT move backwards! /worry /worry worry

PS: Please fix your spellchecker, LJ. No, I do not believe that every single word in every single post I've been making lately is spelled wrong. I'm not that bad at spelling.
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