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Yay RP! Boo WoW! (Sort of)

I've been playing WoW a few years now, way long enough for FFXI to be out of my brain and WoW fully replacing it. Or should be. So there I was, happily skilling enchanting on Clove, when suddenly it became time to train for a higher skill cap. "Level 75 required." ARG! How do I forget that skill cap is tied to level EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I hate leveling. I bet people laugh when I say that, since I have 8 85s, 1 84, and level 70 Clove, but I really, really do hate leveling. I don't enjoy questing, I wouldn't mind instancing if not for the other people, and archaeology is slow and boring. But darned it all, I need to level so I can craft!

How I miss the days of FFXI, where a level 1 could be a max level crafter and I was a crafting god and the richest person on the server. Blast from the past! Let's look at my old army of crafting mules!

There's one person missing from that, my clothcrafter: Damask, elvaan from Windy. And I think I'm missing a lot of jobs/classes from that, too. I think I left the game with double that number of maxed classes... Man, that sig sure does make me smile. I worked so hard on all of them. Crafting/playing the AH is so my thing, no matter the game.

Anyway! So now I'm leveling Clove. It's too late for him to get the Professor title (I did 60-70 through nothing but dailies, hardly any digging at all), but I can pound out five levels though. At least the Northrend levels were made shorter. (And yeah, Northrend is the only place I'm willing to quest, but questing as a clothie worries me. What if something hits me!)

In RP news, eeeeee! Holy cow, such good RP tonight! And bonus: That "wanted" feeling! Thistle ICly and me OOCly got an invite to join a guild. :D Unfortunately it wouldn't work ICly (they wanted Thistle to come work for their company), but they were nice and great RPers. It's like getting a job offer for a job you're not going to take -- it's nice to know someone out there wants you. :)

Between that and the really outstanding RP (to think, I almost passed it up because the guy's RSP current setting was 'smells like armpit'! but it turned out that fit the character perfectly well). They invited me to come RP with their guild anytime, too. They offered to set Thistle up in a shop ICly, but he's fine working at home (and home is private and he doesn't have to worry about anyone else being around or keeping an eye on Penny), so he said no.

I know I've written this before (heck, I nearly write it every time I get great RP), but it always amazes me how great good RP makes me feel. My chest fills with warm feelings and I feel like I'm walking lighter.

A very, very good night. :) And hopefully 71 for Clove before I go to bed! Hope everyone else had a good day, too!

Edit: What was I saying about Clove not getting Professor? o.O

Look at him go!
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