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Busy Saturday, dead Sunday (WoW)

Saturday was busy as heck, all of it focused on Clove.

Got about 200 levels of herbalism.
Did two levels of XP, ending on 75.
Trained archaeology, nearly maxed it a few moments later (520).
Dropped herbalism, did alchemy 1-525.
Got a good chunk of enchanting done, though not maxed.

As I worried, questing on a clothie was painful as heck. At 74 I decided to quest instead of archaeology, but I wanted it to not be hard, so I went to Howling Fjord. I died. More than once. c.c

Sunday was just the opposite. I sat at the AH nearly all day, and it was wonderful. Made money, relaxed. I snagged mats as they appeared, and nearly capped Clove's enchanting (got to 521). I feel like I've never spent so much gold on any profession. Just the rods alone were insane. The last rod required 6 heavenly shards, each costing about 100 gold (none cheaper to DE myself).
And that was only one mat, the rod needed other expensive things, too. The rod requirement would be okay if the rest of the profession were free to level, but it's far from it.

Oh well, now I can focus on using the profession to make money back. Last time I had an enchanter, I did nothing with it (thus dropped it when it was maxed *sob*), but this time I'm going to stay on top of things and keep using it.

One of my larger fears for MoP is that alchemists will no longer be money-makers. Clove is maxed alchemist #9.
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