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May I buy a warning? (RP)

As most folks know, it takes a lot to surprise me.

I was standing around in Silvermoon, looking for RP, when a death knight approached Thistle. Thistle had sold this guy ink in the past and had repeatedly talked to him, so when he asked for Thistle to follow him elsewhere, it was reasonable that Thistle would trust him.

Out of the city they went, to a graveyard outside of Brill.

Then things got odd. Really, really odd.

((Usually I wouldn't post a RP log without the other person's permission, so I'm editing his name out. Also, the first couple posts were very short because we were riding at the same time.))

3/31 18:08:40.228 Thistle says: [Thalassian] Where are we going?
3/31 18:09:02.815 Name slips into his native tongue. "You shall see..."
3/31 18:09:16.463 Name dismounts.
3/31 18:09:33.611 Thistle 's ears remain back, but he dismounts as well.
3/31 18:10:07.091 Thistle eyes the open grave, then moves away from it. The wolf pup sticks close.
3/31 18:11:18.035 Name looks around. "We should be out of sight here..." He kneels down; taking the top of the coffin off. A barely rotted man remains within the oaken confines. A wicked grin creeps along Name's lips; exposing sharp canines. "Excellent...Isn't he simply-
3/31 18:11:32.121 Name || exquisite?" He looks up towards Thistle.
3/31 18:11:39.662 Name kneels down.
3/31 18:12:40.091 Thistle looks confused. He glances around them, then the expression deepens at the comment. He glances back towards where he left his horse. Long eyebrows lift when Name opens the coffin. "Um..." He takes another step back, not looking into it. "What?"
3/31 18:14:11.878 Name begins to chuckle softly. "My creation..." He stands up; eyeing the corpse. There would be noticeable stitchings here, and there. The man looked handsome regardless of the dried up blood, and bruising. "He shall be my permanent minion. I have named him-
3/31 18:14:45.355 Name || Charles." He looks towards Thistle. "What? You don't like him?"
3/31 18:15:58.937 Thistle | Understanding clears a little of the confusion away on Thistle's face. "Your ghoul," he says. A blink at the odd name, but he doesn't comment on it. The final question makes him look down to check on the pup again; she's sitting against his foot. "It'll be a good ghoul, I>
3/31 18:16:12.333 Thistle | think," he says, though doesn't sound all that sure about it.
3/31 18:17:29.014 Name gives a creeping laugh as he nods. "This is no ordinary ghoul, Thistle...He is my plaything...Well. Not -just- mine of course..." He looks down at his side towards Charles.
3/31 18:18:48.277 Thistle 's ears twitch, confusion returning to his face. "You share him with another death knight?" Pause. "I haven't heard of two knights having one ghoul before..." A glance down at the pup, then back to the knight. "Plaything?"
3/31 18:20:39.253 Name grins devilishly. "I share him with a Knight, yes...And plaything can be interpreted in many different ways, but the way I am referring to, of course, is..." He pauses; hopping down into the grave; placing a hand above the corpse. "Sex..." He simply-
3/31 18:21:46.548 Name || states before chanting a few lines of Demonic origin. Darkened whisps begin to course from his hand, into the body; animating it. Charles lets out a decrepit moan; rising to his feet.
3/31 18:21:49.579 Name says: Yes...
3/31 18:23:43.223 Thistle 's eyebrows lift way high, then lower as his brow furrows. His expression goes from confusion to a more WTF?-ish look. Crouching down, he scoops up the wolf pup, then starts backing away. "I'll talk to Aelja if I need to, >
3/31 18:23:49.788 Thistle | about the ink order," he mumbles.
3/31 18:25:33.604 Name looks Charles over; a grin creeping over his lips. "The Corporation is no more, Thistle...Aelja has fled the country." He gets up out of the hole; the corpse following close behind him. "Your inks shall no longer be needed...However, we do wish to-
3/31 18:25:43.400 Name || keep business with you, Thistle."
3/31 18:27:06.190 Thistle keeps on moving backwards, eyes not leaving the death knight. Question on his face at the first part, then a head shake no to the second. "I sell ink. If you don't need any, there's no business," he explains.
3/31 18:28:50.609 Name frowned at the Hunter's words. "Oh?...How disappointing." He looked behind him towards Charles. "Did you hear that, Charles? He no longer wishes to do business with us..." The corpse gave a random moan. Name looks back towards Thistle. He begins to-
3/31 18:29:22.744 Name || take a few steps forward. "Are you -sure- you would not like to reconsider?..."
3/31 18:31:07.904 Thistle looks really quite sure he doesn't want to reconsider. He's looking at Name as if the man were sick and dangerous... which he likely is. He lets out a low whistle, which brings his horse >
3/31 18:31:20.512 Thistle | trotting to him. "I'm sure," he states.
3/31 18:32:14.946 Name arches a brow towards the horse. He would proceed to let out a hauntingly sharp whistle out as his own steed charges towards Thistle's mount.
3/31 18:33:27.674 Name whispers: ((Haha. Do you have any limits? Death is obv. out of the question. Name does not wish to kill or maime. He simply wishes to dominate or take ahold.))
3/31 18:35:20.443 To Name: ((Thistle's going to make a run for it, he knows better than to stick around in situations like this.))
3/31 18:35:37.284 Name whispers: ((Awwe..He'll shall be ready :3))
3/31 18:36:36.376 Thistle snags hold of his horse's reins once they're within reach, hurriedly putting the pup into a saddlebag. "You shouldn't have sex with--" he starts, then shakes his head and tries that again. "You shouldn't have sex. You're dead!"
3/31 18:37:25.811 Name quickly acts upon the situation before him; attempting to Death Grip the elf back to him. "Do come back, Master Thistle...You don't wish to breach our contract do you?" If successful; he would attempt to wrap his arms around the other. "Then if you wish-
3/31 18:37:49.100 Name || for me not to fuck the dead, then perhaps you will take their place instead?"
3/31 18:41:14.097 To Name: ((I wouldn't usually dodge death grips, but if you're intending to RP something like this, you should really touch base with folks OOCly beforehand, in the future.))
3/31 18:41:43.549 Name whispers: ((Oh, sorry. I did include *Attempts* if that help smy case any? Haha.))
3/31 18:42:05.553 Thistle grabs hold of his horse's neck, keeping himself from being tugged away. He looks wide-eyed at the death knight, then flings himself up into the saddle and takes off, kicking his horse into a gallop.
3/31 18:42:42.189 To Name: ((Yeah, attempts are good, but a lot of folks would be troubled by the whole sex with dead things and attempted rape(?). So it's best just to touch base on such adult topics beforehand. ))
3/31 18:42:47.284 Name grits his teeth; letting the elf go. "Go on then..." He watches as the elf takes off.
3/31 18:43:14.190 Name whispers: ((Haha...He wasn't going to rape...Simply give a kiss here, and there XD. But I understand.))

Rereading the log, his semicolon misuse was nearly as bad as the subject... Joking, though it did bother me as well. I'm just so WTF over this. Who in the world starts a RP like this with what's nearly a stranger? And there's no way I believe he wasn't leading up to something more than kissing...
Tags: people are strange, rp, scary people, wtf
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