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Now I know why the cow is laughing (RL)

I've seen those Laughing Cow cheese wedges in the stores forever:

But I'm not much of a cheese person (other than on pizza/pasta), so I never gave them a second look. Then Hungry Girl mentioned them, so I gave them a try. It was only $4 or so, so why not? They sat in my fridge for a couple weeks before I got around to it. Tonight I was starving so I grabbed one.

I have the Light Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil type. I've never had sun-dried tomatoes before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.


Mmmm to the cheese, and I assume mmmm to the sun-dried tomatoes! One wedge (which was good sized!) was only 35 calories(!!!!) and it was SO YUMMY. First I tried eating it alone (I thought it would be solid-ish, so I could nibble on it), but it was spreadable, so I put it on a couple crackers.

It would be amazing in pasta or in a sandwich. Tasted just like a slice of pizza! I boggle that it's 35 calories, it doesn't seem possible.

Anyway, highly recommended, no matter if you're watching your calories or not!
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