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Hunger Games movie, TV

I finally made time to watch it, and wow! SO GOOD. There were small differences in how I pictured the characters (for some reason I thought Snow was a younger man), but of course that's to be expected, and I had no issues at all with them. In fact, I really, really liked all the changes they made from the book. The movie so totally worked. (How come more movies based on books aren't done this well?)

I really like that the romance was played down (I seem to recall whole chapters about it in the book), I loved seeing things from the control room and all the tech.

All the actors really worked in the roles. Who would have thought that Woody Harrelson could pull off Haymitch? Or Lenny Kravitz Cinna?

I hear that some folks complained that Rue was played by a black girl, but I loved her dearly.

I can't remember the last time that I had zero issues with a movie. Not even one minor complaint. True to the book and yet totally worked as a movie. Lightning struck.

On TV, I'm sadly out of shows to watch. I gave up on M*A*S*H. The humor ("humor") wasn't in the least bit funny to me. It's the most dated thing I've seen in ages. One of the characters was nicknamed Spearchucker (a black one, of course), that was the final strike for the show. Maybe it got better later in the series, but in the beginning it was all jokes about sexual harassment and racist humor. It seriously turned me off.

I tried watching The Vampire Diaries. I gave it more of a chance than I usually would (five eps), but it just didn't work for me. Oddly it had a storyline and plot twists very much like Teen Wolf (which I loved), but the romance killed it for me. That and I like werewolves but don't much like vampires anymore.

So now I have no show to watch (in an ep-a-day sort of way). Blah.
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