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Slacker Saturday

I complain about not having had a vacation in nearly two years, but I get so bored with one day of nothing to do, I may have to rethink that.

By 9 AM, I was done with all my RL and WoW work.
By 10 AM, I was bored out of my mind.
10:30 I decided to go to the farmer's market even though I needed nothing. Got dressed, got ready, then (unsurprisingly) didn't want to go. I don't like shopping and didn't need anything, so...
Puttered for a half-hour, wasting time and watching the clock.
11-12 Debated going to Pizza Hut for lunch. Yes, I seriously spent an entire hour debating if I wanted to go or not. "I'm not hungry." "It would taste good." "It has tons of calories." "It's a far drive." Etc.
At noon I was productive and replanted some plants. Spent time trying to figure out how to make my sunflower seedlings grow straight. (They're so tiny! I couldn't even tie them to a post, they're tall but they're just thin little wisps.)

After that I spent the rest of the day on WoW. Got Crowfeather (my first WoW alt ever) to 85. That's 9/10 85s:

Should be no problem getting Clove done by MoP, then I'll just have 10 to do 85-90 on. :/ Eight are Horde (all belf except Thack the tauren), the two on the bottom are Alliance (worgen).

In the evening I took a brief spin around SMC to look for RP and found the worst, scariest RP outfit ever. D:

High point of the day was repeated viewings of The Legend of Korra. Thankfully Nik replayed it many times during the day, and I watched it every time. How can I love a show so much after only two eps? I love the artistic style, the character voices, the music (THE MUSIC! So amazingly good!), just the whole spirit of the show. It's just so good. Korra herself grew on me mega-fast, I love her so much. The city, the animals, everything.

I'm going to try to do more RL work tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be a less slacker-ish day than today was.
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