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Strange potato chip flavors

I love reading food blogs. Reviews of new foods, reviews of restaurants in cities I'll never go to (two of my favorite blogs are reviews of restaurants in Indianapolis), reviews of fast food, food from Target, anything and everything food-related! The downside to this is that it often makes me hungry and makes me buy things I wouldn't otherwise. (Food companies know this and send the bloggers free samples of new things so they'll write (positive) reviews of it.)

Lately a couple blogs have reviewed new potato chip flavors, so when I saw them in the store, I had a WANT reaction.

The first was Ruffles Loaded Bacon & Cheddar Potato Skins Chips:

If I hadn't read about it in so many blogs, I would have never looked twice at the bag. A potato skin flavored potato chip? c.c And that's just what it was. It was a more potato-y tasting chip, with a bit of a tang to it (sour cheese, I assume). No taste of cheese or bacon or anything else. They weren't bad, but they were worse than a plain potato chip would be.

The second one I might have given a second look to, and perhaps would have bought a bag out of curiosity: Lay's Classic BLT potato chips.

When a food blog gives something a less than glowing review, you know it must be bad. They generally all want free stuff, and so generally say only good things. None of the reviews I saw said anything bad about these chips, but none said much good. "Curious" and "unique" were the two most common thing I saw. Both of those apply. Somehow these chips taste like toast and tomatoes. How in the world do you make potato chips taste like toasted bread? Somehow they do it. Bacon? Only in the smell, no flavor at all. Lettuce? No flavor or smell of it (probably for the best). Mostly it's just tomato and toast. Not very good at all.

Unfortunately I bought two (small) bags of the BLT kind. I'm going to take the second one in to work tomorrow and leave it in the kitchen. I'm sure someone will be willing to eat it for free.
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