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A rec, a spoiler, an update

LJ is a few million times more stable now than it used to be, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about losing content or the whole site vanishing overnight. Backups are important! But the LJ Archive tool stopped working a year or so back, so what's a person to do? Nothing but wait and hope...

IT'S BACK! Yay! You can download the new version here. Someone paid a coder real money to fix it, woot! So go forth and make backups! You'll thank yourself later, if anything happens to the site. Need more reason than that? There's a search function for all your old posts AND comments left on them!

The spoiler: It's small but big. Hmm, or rather, it's about a thing that's big to me, but not a plot point so it counts as small? About a character from the first series...

ZUKO IS STILL ALIVE! EEEE! Maybe we'll get to see him again! (Info comes from official site.) I'm even more excited now. :D New ep tomorrow! Yay!

Ellie New Cat, after living with me for a year and three months, is finally acting like a normal cat. She has Opinions on things, but that's perfectly fine. Cats can have Opinions, they're known for it. I don't think there's anything left that she's scared of though. (Edit: Not counting when strangers come in the apartment. She goes back to that 'eyes wide with fear' thing then.) She doesn't like it when I'm in bed. I have no idea why, she's underfoot and meowing for pets or to be picked up until then, and she likes standing on the bed herself, it's just me in bed that makes her head for the door.

I wish she would go back to being scared of some things, like my feet. She likes to be underfoot, so I have to stop and pat her. Problem is, I'm really afraid of stepping on her. Worse yet, she likes to be "under wheel" -- my desk chair has wheels, and she's willing to sleep right next to them... The damage it would do a poor little kitty paw or tail if I ran over it!

So yay archives, yay Korra, and yay kitties!
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