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Sometimes bad RP is amusing

I've not been RPing much in the last week or so. RL has been stressful and it was hard to think about IC stuff. (Plus IC Twitter is really good at scratching the RP itch.) So today I went to SMC and made an effort. Luckily I found someone I knew right away, and we had a nice little scene. When it ended and I turned around, I ran into a woman whose RP 'current' setting read that she's "now bi" and "she's wearing no pants". Usually I'd ignore someone like that, but the previous scene hadn't been very long, so I posted at Little Miss No Pants...

Her entire RPS:

Her 'current' was so long, it got cut off like that. I have no idea what the rest was.

Also, these posts are way, way shorter than I usually write, but I knew this wasn't exactly going to be quality RP.

Thistle scowls over at Noranthia. "Where are your pants?"
Noranthia looks around.
Noranthia looks at you.
Noranthia says: I, uh..
Noranthia says: Don't have any..
Thistle points. "The auction house is over there. Go buy some. There are cheap ones for sale."
Noranthia says: I can't..
Noranthia looks down.
Thistle frowns. "Why not?"
Noranthia says: I'd get in trouble.
Thistle's frown grows. "You'll get in trouble for NOT wearing them. Why would you get in trouble for wearing them?"
Noranthia says: Well, uh...
Noranthia says: It's... Complicated.
Thistle's ears draw back. "Pants are not complicated. People wear pants. You should be wearing pants."
Noranthia sighs, patting the ground next to her softly. "C-Can you sit here? I'm cold and lonely..."
Noranthia's voice sounds fairly young and innocent.
Thistle 's ears remain pinned back, his lips still frowning. "You're cold because you have no pants on."
Noranthia says: Please, sir. Could you just sit over here?
Thistle shakes his head firmly no. "You're wearing no pants."
Noranthia draws her knees to her chest, whimpering softly. "I'm sorry I'm not wearing pants! I can't afford them, and even if I did, I'd be punished for wearing them!" She presses her forehead to her knees, breaking down into tears.
Thistle watches her, expression all frowny and confused. "People wear pants. You'll get in trouble for not wearing pants, not for wearing them. Stay here."

[Thistle runs to AH, buys pants. They are mighty spiffily colored, if I do say so myself! On her:

I also made sure she could wear the type, and they were low level enough for her.]

Thistle dismounts as he returns, holding something. A pair of pants, folded up. He offers them out to her.
Noranthia stares at the pants, but takes them a bit reluctantly, slipping them on.
Noranthia says: I-I... Thank you, sir... Now will you sit?
Thistle nods approvingly. "Now you won't be cold. Now you have pants on. That's better." He considers the request for a moment, then gives a smaller nod, sitting where he is.
Noranthia sighs and looks to the spot next to her, then to him. "I was hoping you'd sit closer.."
Thistle's head shake no to that is a firm one. "Are you warmer now?"
Noranthia keeps her knees to her chest. "Yes.." she glances up at him. "Are you together with someone?" She asks innocently.
Thistle's ears flick in confusion at that question. He looks to his wolf puppy, then over his shoulder at his horse. "I'm with Penny. Symmetry is my horse."
Noranthia says: Who's Penny?
Thistle reaches over to put his hand on the pup. She turns to face him, licking at his wrist. "She is. She's a wolf."
Noranthia glances at the wolf before looking at Mikha again. "Oh... Why won't you sit here?" She pats the spot near her again.
Thistle's tone is edged with suspicion as he asks, "Why do you want me to sit there?" A glance at the indicated place, then back to her. He frowns again.
Noranthia shrugs slightly. "I'd just want you to be closer so I might be able to... Lean against you? I don't know... I would just like it if you would.."
Thistle draws back from her. "I don't know you. You don't know me. Why do you want to lean on me?"
Noranthia says: You stopped to talk to me. Why would you do that? And help me, too.
Thistle doesn't appear as though he's following her logic. "You had no pants on. You should be wearing pants. So I bought you some."
Noranthia sighs and shakes her head. "I thought you were cute. So I asked you if you could sit next to me." Her ears turn pink at the tips slowly.
Thistle looks even more confused, not to mention wary, at that. "Cute," he repeats after her, as though he had never heard the word before.
Noranthia nods, her arms resting on top of her knees. She presses her face into them, sighing softly. "I'm sorry.."
Thistle rises back up to his feet, looking down at his pup and then back to Noranthia. "Keep your pants on," he tells her as he turns back to his horse, gathering up the reins. "Then you'll stay warm and won't get in trouble."
Noranthia says: You shouldn't count on me to do that, sir.
Noranthia keeps her face in her arms, shaking her head softly.
Thistle mounts up, then looks to her once more. "Do what?"
Noranthia says: Don't expect me to keep these on.
Noranthia points at her pants.
Thistle's ears go back again. Annoyance in his voice. "Why not?"
Noranthia says: My master wouldn't approve of it...
Thistle's annoyance does not fade. "Your master," flat tone. "You are an elf. You are free. Why do you think you have a master?"
Noranthia says: Because he took me a few days ago... I belong to him now. And the Lady of the House.
Thistle lifts a hand to rub at his face. "Talk to a guard," he tells her. "A blood knight. They're all over the city." He points one out. "Slavery is against the law."
Noranthia says: I didn't say I didn't deny that they own me, did I?
Noranthia says: I don't hate it.
Thistle makes a face at her, then rides off without another word.

[Thistle is slightly slower/more stupid in this than usual, because he was befuddled by the nearly naked woman. No longer is life so simple as "Yell at the pantsless/shirtless women".]

For bad, pointless RP, that was surprisingly entertaining.
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