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A pair of cooking recs and WoW

Almost a year ago, I bought this pasta maker on Amazon. I had read about it on my friends list, and it sounded perfect: No need to boil water or wash pots, just toss some pasta in, add water, and microwave. I was eating pasta on a regular basis, so this seemed fast and easy.

Before the package arrived, my lifestyle had a change and I could no longer eat pasta. Boo. So the Amazon box sat in my living room, unopened, for a year. Today, while shopping at Target, I saw pasta on the shelf and had a WANT WANT WANT reaction. But I resisted. "No pasta! Carbs are bad*! Move on!" and so I did.

Then I saw Giada de Laurentiis pasta sauce. I stood there long enough, trying to remember where I knew her name from (hi Food Network) that the bottle ended up in my cart. And so I needed pasta!

So, long story not-quite-short, I unpacked the pasta cooker and tried it tonight. It was just as simple and easy as I had hoped! Measure pasta and water, stick it in the microwave for 14 minutes, perfect pasta. Amazing! And the sauce was SO GOOD. Best pasta sauce since I lived in New York. Unfortunately the sauce is only sold at Target, but you can get the pasta cooker from Amazon. Keep your kitchen cool this summer, cook your pasta in your microwave!

PS: Having pasta for dinner was SO GOOD. Great sauce on perfectly cooked pasta, put some cheese on top and then broil until it was nice and melty. Mmmmm.

*I know carbs aren't bad, but lots of carbs at once are bad for me. I have major trouble with portion control, so I do better with having no pasta at all than I do with having a reasonable amount of it.


In WoW news, I'm out of space again. Sigh. On Horde-side I already had two guilds, His Doxy and Boxy Doxy. (Her Doxy is Alliance-side.) His Doxy has all the tabs a level 1 guild could have. Boxy was one short. So the question became: Pay 5K gold for the new tab, or get a third guild and get four tabs for a fraction of the cost?

Hello Doxy Moxy! (I know Moxie is actually spelled with an -ie and not a -y, and usually I'm strongly anti-incorrect spellings, but Doxy Moxy is cute enough that I was willing to go with it.)

So, I had 4 new tabs for about 1K gold! ...and three of them filled up off the bat. Sigh. So much stuff to sell come MoP! Mounts and pets and a crapton of mats and other assorted things.

The downside of this is, come MoP, I had wanted to get my alts into high level guilds for easier leveling, now they're going to be stuck with no guild perks at all. :/ Though I could rotate guild leadership around as alts hit max level...
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